Days When Mumbai Could Flood!!!

Monsoon is already here in Mumbai a full 10 days before than normal. Its for the first time ( I think so) that monsoon showers are here in May itself. None the less the weather is now very pleasant 25oC from the scorching 33oC. Hope the reduced temperature and showers only revitalizes the anti-reservation protests.

But the first monsoon showers has already exposed that the civic bodies haven’t done their cleanup job properly that caused the 26/7 Mumbai deluge last year. Even though the situation is much better than it was last year, most of us are thinking is not “Will Mumbai Flood Again?” but “When Will Mumbai Again?”, but everyone is hopefully that 26/7 will not happen ever again.

The answer to that question might be the following days when there will be huge tides (tide heights will exceed 4.5 m) and if it rained like 26/7 last year Mumbai will be doomed again and no matter how much work is put in no one can do anything about it. The reason being that the drainage system only work during low tides. (This is applicable to all costal cities all across the globe.)


Opera 9 Beta 2 Released

Today Opera has released the second beta version of Opera 9.

A complete list of changes from Beta 1 has not yet been published.
Read the complete Change Log Since Beta 1: Windows | Mac | Linux

Download Opera 9 Beta 2.

If you are intrested in testing the weekly builds, catch them here.


BackUp & Restore Data in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2003
One of the biggest problems before an average Outlook user is “How to do I BackUp my Mails in Outlook?”, and its pretty important to regularly backup mails for that unfortunate day when windows breaks all hell lose, and there is no way out, but a format or worse a hard disk crash!!! So don’t fret because, here’s the showdown on how to do BackUp & Restore all your data in Outlook