Random A Scam ???

After my post on the direct registration link for here’s another one on it. After i found the way for direct registration to, I found this bit of Intresting Stuff.

This was there on Broadband Reports

A blog, msx exposed, created to document any shady dealings by a game “cheat” service called MSX, (MSX sells memberships and access to cheat software for Battlefield 2 Online). The blog is raising an alarm over the “30 free gigs” webmail service,, an extremely poor service unfortunately mentioned here (and slashdot) when launched. The service is owned and run by one Daniel Saltman, who also distributes the cheat software already under fire for containing possible trojans. The risk of continuing to use to receive or send confidential email should be obvious.

Plus also Check out this blog on My Opera where the Utter Rubbish service of has been posted

Plus he has also posted a lot of stuff about And a few worth mentioning are

A friend of mine has sent me this — the template used for, for sale on

The truth is, about the interface . . . what really, really disappointed me . . . all is: An aesthetically overhauled version of SquirrelMail.

Now this leads me to a big question that is a BIG SCAM ???

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Yeah.Neowin locked all invites threads for this email service for this reason.The webmaster for 30gigs (who is registered at neowin) never gave any clarification also.So that does prove something.
There is not need for the 3 question marks.30gigs is a shady service that must be avoided at any cost
Plus its the crappiest thing around.

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