How much is the Moto Razr For???

Yesterday I saw the AD on TV that Moto Razr is now has a M.R.P. of just INR 12,495/- After having seen its price fall by at least INR 500 every 15 ~ 20 days. Now that’s a hell lot cheaper than INR 30,000/- when it was launched just about more than a year ago or to be precise when I had enquired about its price. That’s a whooping 60% drop in price in just about a year with no soaps dished out by the government 😮 And that essentially makes the phone available below the very important 10K mark if you look around hard in the market.

No doubt that Razr is a wonderful phone and wins your heart every time you look at it. So thin, so beautifully made it make you die for it. But it makes me wonder how much does the Moto Razr really cost to manufacture. Agreed to the fact that the prices keep falling for every latest gadget especially cell phones, as the manufacturer recovers its cost of R&D, but a 60% drop in just 1 year is too much to digest. Look at the Nokia phones, say the 6600 or the 6630 launched at almost 20K and now retail at 10K after almost 2~3 years in the market and 15K in just about a year after its launch. So either Motorola is took its customers for a super duper ride or Nokia is taking all of us on a much bigger ride. But such a drastic drop in price would have surely very disappointed me if I had bought the phone a year ago.

Yes Moto, you guys do have a winner on your hands but taking your customers for a super ride like this is very very bad. Might have worked this around but if you do it time and again you will lose that ultra important faith that customers have in you. I don’t own a cell phone today as I feel its not worth that spend currently for me. And I will suerly not buy a Moto after this.

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  1. Many of my friend here in the US have Razr. It is said to slow down in its processes after a little while. And well over here, everyone you see has one of those. its just lost its magic because of that.

  2. i have a black razr,
    i have had it or a while but its pretty much brand new and i am looking to sell it.
    but the only problem i have with it is, i dont have the charger for it anymore.
    my daughters dog thought it might be a good chew-toy oneday so its gone.
    if you would like to buy it just leave another comment on here with your email adress and i will come in contact with you.
    thank you,
    Matthew J. Prince

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