Football takes over Cricket

For the first time ever I have seen the Indian Media give football more coverage than cricket. TV shows dedicated only to cricket are giving previews and reviews to the world cup, out of the 4 pages of sports 3 for the Fifa World Cup and the 1 page had all other sports news just as a formality. The biggest thing is that Fifa World Cup 2006 Germany begins only tomorrow!!! And that really means something. If you said “Why?” then there can be only one reason for that question and that is “You are Not an Indian!” Cricket is next to a religion in India as is football in Europe.

I would have said this is a good trend, but unfortunately its not. It will all get over after the world cup as they are just cashing in on the occasion. Its something similar to what happened last year when Narain Karthikeyan reached the F1 grid or did Sania Mirza reach top 30. But now what, you hardly hear about then! All they have managed to do is at least get a column & a minute in news, because people love the sport (Wonder why this never happened before that even so F1 was the second most watched sport after cricket) So is for Football that’s enjoyed a good fan following in India.

Since our media is so famous for sensationalizing the tiniest of news, I am just wondering what kind of coverage there will be when we have the all important upsets in the world cup. It’s just unimaginable.

My only wish is that our stupid cable operators don’t screw up the live telecast, and our media keep the coverage a bit fair for all. By that I mean that they just don’t reduce the coverage for F1 which is already miniscule (which I feel is a big ask, but still I wish they do so)

And just for the sake of it, my favourites for the cup is Brazil.

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