Ubuntu 6.06 CDs Received

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS I got my Ubuntu CDs yesterday deliverd to my door step a month after I had ordered them, and touch wood without any trouble. Although I must salute the postman who delivered these to me in the worst rainfall of the year.

As soon as yoou open the packet you notice that now we dont have 2 seperate CDs (One Live and One Install) but they are now one. You just have to boot up the live cd and then install it from there. The installation was a breeze.

The other good thing is its usability and ease of use. The manuall installation (non synaptic installation) is now so so simple that you will never have to touch the terminal for such trivial stuff. The other thing worth mentioning is the UI. Not a big leap but well and truly now at par with XP and in some cases better than XP.

The end result has been that I am now going to shift to full time to Ubuntu and just leave my Windows XP partition to Login to my ISP and play Games (Remeber I got more RAM, so now I can play games)

Now I am waiting for my Kubuntu CDs which I had ordered a week after I had ordered the Ubuntu CDs. Just hope the guys at the customs department dont mess up again.

Here’s the details to get your copy.

Update: I have received my kubuntu and edubuntu cds. The only thing this time around other than a larger packet was that the packet was almost open and there were no ubuntu stickers that came with the ubuntu cds earlier. So at the end the customs did steal my stickers.

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  1. Hi! I just got the CDs, Ubuntu and Kubuntu

    I am using Win Xp..

    The live CD does not seem to work for me at all..

    The instructions say that I just have to leave the CD in the CD drive and restart the computer.
    But when I do that, it automatically loads Win XP..

    Is there any way to over ride it?

    Or am I doing it wrong?

    Please Help if you can spare the time

  2. Alright, I ll try that and tell you how it works..

    By the way, If I want to load Xp should I again set Primary boot to HDD or is there any other way?


  3. Your XP will stay as it is. You will just be changing the boot order. Instead of directly going to the HDD for an OS it will first look for any bootable disk in the CD-Drive. So if there is no disk (or for that matter no bootable disk) in the CD-drive it will go directly to HDD for the OS.

    Also after you install Ubuntu, you will get a GRUB manger that lets you select the OS you want to boot.

  4. I did check it and it worked perfectly..

    But I want to know this, if there is a CD in the CD drive(some game cd or music cd), it wont affect the HDD boot will it(when I put the HDD as 2ndry boot device and CD Rom as primary boot device)

  5. No it won’t.

    Only CDs with a boot record, will boot from the CD-Drive at startup (eg. WindowsLinux Installation CDs)

    None of the games or music cds have a boot record.

    Infact many manufacturers (especially the branded ones) set CD-Drives as primary and HDD as secondary boot drive.

  6. Again thank you..

    I set my CD as primary boot..

    To be fair, this is the first time I am using any Linux Distro.

    I would like to know how one should set up a Dial-Up Connection on a Linux OS>


  7. And also, what are the primary differences between Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Edubuntu..?

    BTW, I received all the 3 CDs at the same time..

  8. Well read my earlier blog post (http://www.muchhalasworld.com/2006/06/04/ubuntu-606-lts-released/) to know what is the basic difference is.

    Run the live CDs and you will know the difference, and then decide what you want. edubunti has no live cd and also I havent tried it yet so cant comment on it. I personally like ubuntu but am currently trying kubuntu.

    Also be a little carefull with the partioning, because one small mistake can ruin your data. I dont want to scare you but take extra precautions with all your important data.

    I received my kubntu and edubuntu cds together as I had ordered them on the sane day, where as I had ordered ubuntu cds a few days before the kubuntu/edubuntu order.

    I have never setup a dial up connection in ubuntu/kubuntu. But as far as I know you have to set it up from the network administration. Dial Up is refered by ppp

  9. Hi..
    I got a new laptop with Ubuntu preloaded.. I want to change it to XP.. I m not able to do it when i try to boot it by inserting the xp disc and have selected select CD-ROM as first boot..
    plz do help me…
    i m not having any linux cd with me…

  10. Your query is a bit unclear. Installing windows is easy, just put the XP cd in and reboot. On reboot when it says,

    Press Any Key to Boot From CD…

    Do it and you will be in the XP setup.

    Generally an install of XP removes the GRUB Manager (from where you select which Ubuntu u want to enter)

    Installing XP will need you to repartition your HDD, and I may suggest you get a friend who has expereince on such stuff.

    Also if you want help on Ubuntu, please go to https://help.ubuntu.com

  11. Thanks for ur reply
    I tried inserting the XP cd in the drive and it went up to the command prompt screen, and completed the screen resolution settings.. But when it is trying to set up network settings it is unable to do and stops in the command prompt screen itself.. I did’nt try partitioning the HDD. I dont know weather the prob is with XP cd or the way i tried..

  12. Unfortunatelly, sitting this far I cant judge what’s wrong.

    But mostly, when installing Windows XP you can let it setup the network by default, but this is after you have entred the Product Key and done with setting the time and stuff.

    I will again suggest you get a friend who’s used to installing Windows to help you out. You could also go to the guys you bought your laptop from, and I am sure they will be more than happy to install XO for you, but those chaps may demand a price.

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