July 7 2006, was one of the blackest day in the history Mumbai City and for the whole Nation. But we all stood together, and didn’t let the terrorists get away with their evil plans. On this fate full day everything seemed to fail except the Spirit of Mumbaikars and the bloggers.

The Spirit of Mumbai has been well publicized now (or over exaggerated to a certain extent). The other significant contributors were the blogs, that kept people notified when all our telephone lines literally went dead.

So what does our government do? BLOCK them out, because they are a threat to our national security. The reason being that these blogs are being used to spread anti-national stuff and also the terrorist are using blogs to communicate with each other.

So what am I supposed to do now? Well just use any proxy site (e.g. PKBlogs for Blogspot) and you are back in business. You might not see the images but rest of the important stuff will be there. And I bet these are on their way to bans too.

OR an alternative is to use Google’s cache feature. You only don’t see images from that site, but rest all is there. (e.g. The older version of Muchhala’s World {Google’s Cache}). So that even makes Google bad. Its showing me stuff that the government doesn’t want me to see. And also with Google I can find all other anti-national stuff, porn and other stuff that will spoil our generation. So Google is the biggest EVIL!!!

OH and Google is not the only search engine that can do such stuff. We have Yahoo!, MSN,, etc. So why not ban them all. Also terrorists and anti-social elements can use email services to spread such stuff, so all email services should go as well. That leaves us with IMs as the only way to communicate over the web. And since its instant messaging it is even worse, as the terrorists can communicate more effectively so they should also go. So we will not have any more ways to communicate. OH we just forgot forums. So anyone with a forum is supposed to be blocked too.

This way we will have a GREAT GREAT GREAT INDIAN FIREWALL, with the largest database of blocked sites. Or maybe we could have a situation where you can only visit sites that have been approved by our Babu’s after receiving their share of the approval fees. That way no common man will be able to setup his site and that way on the pretext of National Security & Integrity the government would have curbed our very Freedom of Speech.

And none of us would like this to happen as this would be the death of our democracy (which is already in a great deal of stress). I have no idea as to how to go about filing a PIL against the government on such ad hock bans. So if anyone out there knows how to do it, please do so.

We stood against the terror. Now it’s our time to stand against the government and get our rights back!!!

Update (22/July/2006): It seems like that everything is back to normal. And even the government has wrapped up the ISPs for the blanket ban instead of just blocking the sites specified.
But I do still hold that banning blogs equates to curtailment of my constitutional right of freedom of expression and speech. And I would still stick to my stand that if the government wants to block blogs/sites (even a few handful) then they should outright ban Google & all other sites.

3 responses to “BAN GOOGLE!!!”

  1. All I can do is sit back and laugh. If anything like this happened in the US, oh boy would the government be under stress or what? BTW could you give me a proxy site, Nupur needed it.

  2. Well the thing is that the government is already under severe pressure, from the media. We have somekind of debate on this on News Channels, half page articles in the newspapers and stuff. And countless blog posts against this. The only thing left is a street protest.

    As far as the proxy servers go, I am still searching for a good one.

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