End of Teen Hungama

Teen HungamaYes its true, Teen Hungama is no more. After giving it a very long hard thought I have finally decided to close it down.

Over the last one year with Teen Hungama, I made quite a few friends, learnt a lot of things and had a great time. At one time we had some great activity, and was dedicating most of my time and effort behind it. But slowly the activity started decreasing and in recent months it has come to a complete standstill. I did try to revive it quite a few times, but I found it was too late. Also I lost heart in it and was not dedicating it the time and effort I did, just a year back.

So with no interest left in it, (and no active members) I find no point continuing with it anymore. From now on I have decided to put all my efforts in this blog.

I hope all of you agree with my decisions.

PS: From now on entering the Teen Hungama url (www.teenhungama.uni.cc) will bring you to this blog (www.muchhala.in)

8 responses to “End of Teen Hungama”

  1. Sorry to hear that man! Ofcourse its not easy to run a forum, getting members is another thing and making them to post is another. So its not easy to manage it. Anyways good luck with the blog.

  2. Never mind… i’m equally sad… tera forum meri badaulat hi to chalta tha…. 😉

    or waise bhi abhi blog bhi tera mai hi chalaa raha hoon…

  3. Blogs are personal… I like blogs. Teen Hungama was fun while it lasted of course. You did put in effort into it, unlike me and my forum!

    BTW, I don’t keep logging on to your blog either, so send me offlines on Y! to let me know if you post something new.

  4. shit..yaar..thts bad
    nywayz…was ur site..and as u said it was on a standstill.
    best of luck in the future

  5. hey sorry to hear that , but u gave up very quick , u should have worked harder , anyway it is ur decision , so i am not going to say anything ,but wishing u luck in whatever u do


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