Lucky Shave…

I got this as a forward yesterday, and thought was good enough to share.

So here’s one reason, why you shouldn’t cross Railway Tracks.

Hope the couple here got their lesson, and you too (if you too cross like that)

P.S.: This is my first blog post with a video in it.

6 responses to “Lucky Shave…”

  1. I watched it 3 times… I still can’t believe 2 things:
    1. They were stupid enough to cross like that instead of just waiting for the train to have passed… it only took a freakin’ 4-5 seconds
    2. They survived.

  2. but sometimes the over bridges are just too long causing people to cross the rail roads.

    I dont think they can be long enough to risk your life.

    I wish all the stations were built like in Vashi (where I live). There are no overbridges, but underground subways to reach the platforms, and that way there is no need for crossing railway tracks never arises 😀

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