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AHAA…. It’s the time of the year when you place your bets! Put your money where your mouth is!

OH ya, the F1 2007 seasons is just 3 week away from kick off or flag off to be precise. So, it’s time for some random F1 predictions and a series of foolhardy bets with fellow F1 friends, who for some bizarre reason think they know more about the F1 formbook than me!

Of course, that’s the best thing about this time of year if you’re into F1: you’ve been studying the testing times, reading any and every nugget of information about Renault’s new-improved-and-revolutionary-gurney-flap or whatever, and you’ve no doubt misinterpreted the lot. I’m sure I have.

Anyway, here’s some soothsaying from me. Feel free to reply with your own predictions…

Red Bull Racing: Recent testing has been a disaster. Their pace is slow. The drivers can’t fit the car without a tub of Vaseline and spoon, and Mark Webber having a general strop about anything and everything. This, of course, is a clear case of sandbagging and Adrian Newey has, in fact, built a car that is at least two seconds a lap faster than the opposition. Sadly, the car will break down in every race.

Ferrari: Convention-shunning long-wheelbase car will be the class of the field, but Massa and Raikkonen will offset any advantage by generally driving into each other and handing the championship to a surprised…

Renault: Will overcome a lack of pace with astonishing reliability and take the drivers’ championship with Kovalainen. Fisichella to be replaced mid-season after a series of underwhelming results. Test driver Piquet Junior!!!

McLaren: Neck-and-Neck with Ferrari in terms of ultimate pace. But a series of retirements (again) ruins their championship (again) and forces a major redesign (again) mid-season. A bored Alonso and Hamilton turn their attention to a game of ‘who can crop their hair the shortest’. Hamilton wins.

Honda: Well Jenson Button will be Over-hyped and underwhelming again. And dear old Rubens Barrichello will be there somewhere.

Toyota: Well be spending $500 million, again on God know what and still be well off the pace and will surely catch up a bit by the mid-end of the year and finally when the season ends, we will have them saying “We will do it next Year. We will be there” Ehh… just one question where!!!

BMW: Oh yeah, I forgot about the boys in blue (and white and red). Ignore everything I have written so far. Polish megastar Kubica will win the championship. Heidfield’s results compared with his rookie team-mate prove a disappointment. Some will argue he is more interested in developing his next hairstyle than his F1 car.

And the others? Anthony Davidson will score loads of points for Super Aguri, except he won’t because the car will be deemed ineligible to score championship points, and neither will the Toro Rossos. Spyker will be nowhere. Have I forgotten anyone? Does anyone care?

In all seriousness, there’s truth in the above – mark my words.

PS. I reserve the right to change all of the above and cancel all bets whenever I bloody well like.

4 responses to “F1 Predictions”

  1. On a slightly more serious note, I think Massa has a good chance of performing well this season because Raikkonnen will take some time to get used to the red. I think McLaren will be mired in reliability problems again, and Alonso will be burning up the system more with his mouth than with his car. BMW will perform well (fast), but still have some reliability issues, at least in the beginning part of the season. Honda will disappoint, at least initially. And I have a feeling that Renault will initially not be too fast, but may catch up later. Fisichella may start putting in some good performances now that he’s no longer under Alonso’s shadow and also since he’s under quite a bit of pressure. Enough predictions for now.

    As to who will win the crown?
    I don’t know.

  2. lets c…
    i was a big fan of raiikonnen wen he was wid mclaren, and now i despised ferrrri for always takin the lead. i didnt like alomso much too. his season i guess evrything is gonna chg! i might go wid ferrari, or i might strt to like alonso, or maybe there is a small % tht tells me to go with button….
    so im just gonna wait for the first 2 races to decide who to bet on!!!

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