All Comment Forms Open Again

Yes folks, you read it right, all the comments form are now back open.

If you are wondering as to what happened to all the spammers I was talking about last time then, have found a nice solution, thanks to my friend Pallab. Well he showed me the Challenge Plugin. From now on just before you hit the submit button for the comment you will have to answer a simple mathematical question, don’t fret its just addition of two random single digit numbers, and it shouldn’t be that tough. Sorry for giving your brains a little bit of work, but I guess its better than not being able to comment at all.

The only noticeable difference has been that I had to disable the Post Rating feature as it was incompatible with the challenge plugin.

Another thing before I finish is that, I have added a Contact Page, so if you feel like contacting me any time just use the contact form there, and I will make sure I get back to you. (Please make sure that your mail id is correct or it would be next to impossible for me to reply.)

P.S.: If you find that I have forgotten to open comments on any post, please let me know (via the Contact page of course)

5 replies on “All Comment Forms Open Again”

Now, this is a nice theme. But, you may consider disabling Snap Preview. I had it on for a time, but disabled it as it increased website loading time and doesnt add anything to the website. If you looked it up you would find that a majority of people hate Snap Preview.

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