I don’t know

Ya frankly, I don’t know what to write, my minds completely empty and the lack of posting proves this.

So any ways, just for the record I am putting my life update out here.

  • Turned 20 on May 20, had a great fun with a day time party, by watching Spiderman3, and then enjoyed the whole day out with my friends.
  • Results for my B.Sc.(IT) Semester 1 exams finally came out. Got ATKT in Maths (damn what’s with me and maths) and also topped the university in C-Programming. Now that’s something baby.
  • Have to fill out the KT form on Monday and Mumbai University is charging bloody Rs. 765/-, and the best part is you have to pay 765 even if you have 1 KT or 5 KTs. Call that extortion.
  • The Semester 1 KT exam for Mathematics is on 4th June, and the normal exams for Semester 2 begins from 5th June. Man Going to Kalina Campus of Mumbai University is going to be a big headache, especially with the Monsoon season that kicks in from 1st week of June. The reason I am worried is when the 26/July/2005 Mumbai Flooding happened this was the area that was the worst hit.
  • After a lot of fooling around with Partion Magic I finally partioned my 20 GB HDD and have successfully installed Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), and am also making this post from Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn).
  • Another of my tech updates would be me moving back to Firefox from Opera and that’s a big one considering that I have been a staunch supporter of Opera for ages. The reason for the move can be attributed to Yahoo! Mail Beta, which doesn’t run that well in Opera, and so do quite a few other Web 2.0 apps. My stay at Firefox might not be long as I still love Opera and with their new Opera codenamed Peregrine in the offing, I might just move back if it runs Yahoo! Mail Beta & Google Calender seamlessly.
  • And as I come to the end of this post, I have just received my Autocar India, June edition.
  • Plus its race weekend, so I am going to crash @ my cousins place today and tomorrow evening to watch the Monaco F1 GP.

And that’s an end to my boring life update.

Also I have one request to all my blog readers, could you please give me suggestions on how I can improved my blog and even suggest what topics I could write on. Please leave your suggestions as comments on this page.

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  1. Yahoo mail beta seems to be working.
    It is kind of sluggish though.

    And did you install the userjs I had mentioned in my blogpost for Google services?
    I played around a bit with google calendar (with that userjs in place). Seemed to work ok. One issue is that the boxes are slightly displaced downwards. But, its still usable.
    Screeenshot : http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/6620/googlecalendarbb2.png

    Btw, peregrine wont change much as far as yahoo is concerned. Not till yahoo fixes its service. However, opera is trying to make yahoo mail work as well as possible through browser.js

    What other frequently websites dont work in opera?

  2. yo!
    congrats on the C programming result.
    i had a few suggestions, but i forgot! :-p
    nywayz, best of luk for ur ATKT, and ur othr exams

  3. Yeah, congrats on the C Programming result. Don’t worry too much about the Maths ATKT.


    1. I don’t know what living in Mumbai is like… just make a mention of some of your common experiences in Mumbai and stuff, how you go to college, a day in the life of Mohammed Muchhala.

    2. Make some mention of some specific incidents that you go through, and what you realized from them, etc.

    3. Don’t make spelling errors! 😛 Re-read your post after you publish and remove all typos and other errors

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