Monaco F1 GP

McLaren One-Two at the Monaco GP

I went to see the race with a feeling that the winner of this race was going to take the championship this year, and came back home with a feeling that the seasons too close to call at this given moment. I was actually not expecting Alonso to win, and somehow I don’t ever want that guy to win, maybe for the fact that he defeated both Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher . I wanted Filipe Massa or Lewis Hamilton to win but damn Alonso beat them, with a real good drive.

Apart from the stunning drives of Alonso and Hamilton, I must say Kimi drove really well with his One pit stop strategy, after his incident in yesterdays qualifying, but as luck would have it he Nick Heidfeld had to slot in between Jenson Button and Kimi after his pitstop, compromising his race. As for the other guy who I feel missed out was Nico Rosberg. Just don’t know why Williams is having such a streak of bad luck. Last year and again this year something has to go wrong for them, with this race having Nico to bear extra vibrations from the rear after his pitstop. The only thing going good for Williams is that they are outpacing Toyota’s their engine suppliers in almost every race and are also ahead of them in the Constructors title.

Well, to sum it up, this Monaco GP was relatively incident free, with no crashes, and only 4 retirements. And as far as the title race is concerned, I feel McLaren will be the team that takes both the Drivers and Constructors title, but I have a feeling it will be Lewis Hamilton who takes the Drivers crown upstaging his Championship winner team-mate Alonso. I also feel a similar situation will exist at Ferrari with Filipe Massa becoming the number one driver by out-running Kimi Raikkonen comprehensively.

Read the whole race review here.

3 responses to “Monaco F1 GP”

  1. No Alonso!
    Go Hamilton, Massa or any other freakin’ driver in the F1 circus.

    I personally want either Hamilton or Massa to become the champ, and the Constructors’ C’ship should go to Ferrari

    Realistically, I expect McLaren to win the Constructors’, and either Hamilton or Alonso to win the Drivers’. Sad but true 🙁
    Damnit, why can’t McLaren have a bad car like last year??!!!

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