McLaren team orders

A visually disappointed Hamilton after finishing second because of the McLaren team orders

The one reason I liked McLaren, has also been lost now. McLaren were the only team that had refrained from any sort of team orders and let free racing between their drivers, and that was seen at its peak with the rookie Lewis Hamilton leading the world championship over the reigning world champion Fernando Alonso. But that’s all gone down the drain after what happened on Sunday’s race in Monaco, plus team orders were banned after the infamous incident where Rubens Barrichello let Michael Schumacher pass on the last turn of the ultimate lap at Austrian Grand Prix in 2002.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis admitted the unusual strategic requirements at Monaco meant the team had to more or less decide in advance which driver would win, and Alonso and Hamilton were told to hold station in the latter stages of the Grand Prix.

The FIA have initiated an enquiry, but have refrained from stating what the likely punishment might be in case of McLaren being found guilty.

Its pretty clear that they are favouring Alonso, over Hamilton, who could be one the biggest F1 stars ever, from the following quotes.

But Dennis admitted he “virtually had to decide in advance” which one of the drivers would win in Monaco.

Hamilton said: “It is something I have to live with. I’ve number two on my car and I am the number two driver.”

Well, I would like McLaren to be docked of their 18 Constructor’s Points, and the drivers be spared the points axe. But if the points axe were to fall on the drivers then it should only be on Alonso, because he was the main beneficiary who robber Lewis of his maiden victory. As it is I don’t like Alonso and Team McLaren just gave me another one to not like him

To end this post, it was Lewis Hamilton who I thought might just make me shift camps from Ferrari to which I have stayed with for almost 10 years now, but that’s not going to happen. And now this year I will be cheering for Lewis Hamilton to win the World Championship but also cursing Fernando Alonso to bite the dust. And along with Alonso’s defeat I would like McLaren to lose the constructors trophy with Ferrari walking away with the Constructors Cup.

6 responses to “McLaren team orders”

  1. Hi, nice blog!

    I have only a question, did you really believe in Lewis victory looking the times?
    Did Lewis get the fastest lap?

    I know Alonso is not the most popular pilot in the padock, maybe cause he is spanish, that’s singular, even in Spain lot of people hate him (what a mad country!!), but I think he was a good winner.

    Again, nice blog!

  2. Well, its not just the lap times. Lewis was not allowed to give a shot at overtaking Alonso. Plus if he weren’t as fast he wouldn’t have brought down the gap from 15+ seconds to about 2 seconds at the end.

  3. Great.
    So now Pedro de la Rosa uses Ubuntu and Firefox, lives in Spain and left a comment on your blog 😛

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