F1-2007 Prediction Update

I had scribbled some of my F1 2007 Season prediction at the start of the year, but was more of a post for fun, but for the last couple of months at every race weekend I planned I will write one, but as we all know it never came through. So here’s my mid-season prediction as to how the season will end (and this ones been thought over a lot of times)

Well lets look at the standings at the end of Turkish GP.

In the drivers championship its still very much even-stevens with anyone in the top four in with a chance. I wont dare pick the order, but I feel it would be Lewis Hamilton who will take home the honors.

Whereas in the drivers Ferrari have come in striking distance (just 11 points) but I have a deep feeling whatever the points situation now be, Ferrari will take home the constructors trophy. And that wont be because of what they do on the track, but off it, and to be precise in the court room over Stepneygate Spy Scandal. Ferrari will make sure that McLaren at least loose all the constructors points.

As for the rest I don’t see much changing. Maybe Nico Rosberg moves up the ladder a bit in the drivers championship and make the world take notice of him (which I believe he already has).

Please do share your thoughts on how you see the season unfolding.

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  1. I think Hamilton will probably take home the Drivers’ Championship, even though I’d love dearly for Massa to win it.

    As for Constructors’ Championship, I don’t think McLaren will lose any points at all. In fact, I think they probably stand a pretty good chance of even getting those 15 points they lost in the previous race due to Alonso “delaying” Hamilton in the pits. I think McLaren will take the Constructors’ Championship.

    I also have a feeling that at the end of the year, it’ll be close between the 2 Ferrari drivers to see which one of them ends up with more points. My prediction is that if Massa comes on pole more than Raikkonen, then he will have more points than Kimi.

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