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GIT: Get Tag Details of Current Checkout

About two weeks ago I migrated a project from CVS to git. After migration when we tried to build the project it kept failing. On debugging, I figured that in build.xml (it’s a legacy project with a complex ANT build script) they were trying to figure out from which tag it has been checked out by reading the Tag […]

Hibernate: Dynamic Insert

While doing code-review I came across hibernate’s dynamic-insert property and found it really useful. dynamic-insert is a boolean attribute of class element as defined in hibernate-mapping-3.0.dtd. This is an optional attribute of the class element and if not defined explicitly defaults to false. As the name says, setting this property to true makes insert query […]

Official Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts from Microsoft

In one of my previous posts I had posted a list of new keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft Windows 8. I now have the official list of keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft, which you can download it here [PDF]. Official keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 from Microsoft

[JavaScript] Check if a function Exists or Not

If you want to check if a function exists or not before calling, here’s how to do it if(typeof window.functionName == ‘function’) { functionName (arg1, arg2); } It returns a boolean value indicating if the function exists or not.

Windows 8 New Shortcut Keys

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out and with it comes a host of new keyboard shortcuts to help navigate across the new Metro UI. Here’s a short list of the shortcut keys introduced with Windows 8. Shortcut keys Description Windows key Brings up the Metro start screen. You can start typing to search for an […]

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