I Got Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2 Running

OH yes I did get Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2 running on my 6 year old PC with a meagre 64 MB RAM. And the best part is that I find it running more efficiently and faster than Office 2003, that’s really commendable to Microsoft for not making Office 2007 a bloat ware. But still theContinue reading “I Got Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2 Running”

BackUp & Restore Data in Outlook

One of the biggest problems before an average Outlook user is “How to do I BackUp my Mails in Outlook?”, and its pretty important to regularly backup mails for that unfortunate day when windows breaks all hell lose, and there is no way out, but a format or worse a hard disk crash!!! So don’tContinue reading “BackUp & Restore Data in Outlook”

Opera9 Beta 1 Released

Opera on Thursday released its first beta version of Opera 9. The beta version includes many new features to the browser, including Widget, BitTorrent, Content Blocking (aka ad blocking), the ability to customize the integrated search engine field, Tab Thumbnail preview, site-specific preferences, and more. A complete list of changes for this release is availableContinue reading “Opera9 Beta 1 Released”

Review Google Talk Beta (Leaked Version)

Overall Rating: Download; Screenshots This is the leaked version of Google Talk, and it features tons of improvements over the current version The most significant being the addition on customizable user pictures, a few little conversation window themes to complement it and a few new options to customize your buddy list.