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Before we begin just take a look at those two screenshots of my cPanel account. My host Frihost gives 250 MB of web-space and I made it 1.25 GB first and then took it to 2.5 GB before bringing it back down too 250 MB again.

Well I suppose you must be wondering how I did it, then here’s the answer to it. There is a file called quota_-v in the directory .cpanel-datastore located at the same place where your public_html folder is located. Here’s a screenie of how the file will most probably look:

cPanel Exploit Where

Just before you start editting here’s what all the stull in it means. The numbers below block is the amount of space used, below quota & limit is your acoount limit. Just let them be the same. And as for the number below Files is the number of files you have. So play around with the file and enjoy the changes.

But just before you get too excited, read this what my host said after he did his own little investigation on this matter:

Steve – Frihost: 2. Quota information in cPanel does not match the actual usage, and quota given. eg. actual usage (using du -sk) is 150MB, account quota is 500MB (also shown when quota username is used), but space left shows as 50MB. cPanel caches information in ~username/.cpanel-datastore/quota_-v Try deleting the file, and check if this fixes the problem.

It simply means that its just an illusion, and dosent actually make a difference. So you can go around enjoying what you account would look like if it were true.

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