Exams Over

Hurray!!! My exams are finally over. Well they actually got over on Thursday itself, and so this post is 3 days late.

Anyways the exams were great and as far as I am concerned they were pretty easy. After the exam got over, we went to Juhu Beach and had a blast, then got completely drenched in the first monsoon showers, which I was very much looking forward to since that day began. I never really had so much fun after the end of my exams.

I then spent the whole of Friday sleeping and on Saturday, I went to meet my good buddy Amit, from my engineering days.

As for today, I am just eagerly waiting for the US F1 GP to start and see how the Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso drama unfolds.


First Shower & the Black Out

Yesterday evening I was chatting with my cousin Arif from Bahrain and told him that I can hear the thunders outside and I am expecting it to rain soon, and he went on saying that the weather in Bahrain has gone crazy, he was like “2 Days ago the sky was clear and it rained like crazy, it way cloudy yesterday and didn’t rain at all, and today its freaking hot.”

Now that conversation was at about 6 PM, and by 8 PM it hadn’t rained a drop and I was wondering if that same thing was repeating here. But the at about 8:30 I heard the kiddies scream out side Baarish ayaa baarish ayaa. The showers weren’t that hard but it was a pleasant feeling, that it had rained. But by 9:20 PM it started raining heavily, making me run all across the house to see if there is leakage from any place that we fixed during the summer, and barring 1 place (which still needs some work) all was fine.

At about 9:45 PM, it was still raining heavily, and boom there went the power supply. I don’t no, why but I had a gut feeling that this was coming. The difference this time was that instead of only a single phase being cut all 3 phases went down. The whole of New Mumbai was dark. It was the The First Blackout of the First Showers, and the met department says that these are just pre monsoon showers, the monsoon fury is still to come. Any ways, the power supply was restored in our phase by 10:30 PM where it took another 30 to 45 minutes for power supply to be restored in the other lines of my neighbours. It did rain slowly all night.

The news papers are reporting that yesterdays showers affected the Train Services in some ways. So the Babu’s are running helter skelter, since all their claims have been shattered by Mother nature with its very first shower.

Plus again today morning, in a detour from the normal, we had almost 3 hrs. of load shedding. I say that because we had hardly had any power cuts over the last 15 days because it had rained in the interior parts of Maharashtra, and plus even last year once it started raining our load shedding came to almost zero because of the reduced demand from the agri sector. Lets just hope that there are no more power failures, so that we can enjoy the rains.

So I look forward to giving my exams in this crazy Mumbai monsoon, which starts from Monday 4th June.