Exams Over

Hurray!!! My exams are finally over. Well they actually got over on Thursday itself, and so this post is 3 days late.

Anyways the exams were great and as far as I am concerned they were pretty easy. After the exam got over, we went to Juhu Beach and had a blast, then got completely drenched in the first monsoon showers, which I was very much looking forward to since that day began. I never really had so much fun after the end of my exams.

I then spent the whole of Friday sleeping and on Saturday, I went to meet my good buddy Amit, from my engineering days.

As for today, I am just eagerly waiting for the US F1 GP to start and see how the Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso drama unfolds.

3 responses to “Exams Over”

  1. Congrats on doing your exams well. I apparently didn’t do as well as I expected. I hope your results don’t give you the bad kind of surprise that mine did. Best of luck!

    And Hamilton is really coming into his own now… he appears to deserve all the hype that’s surrounding him. What a fantastic driver so far!

  2. Congrats! glad that you found your exams easy. just hope your results say the same thing. wish you all the very best!
    and yes, Hamilton really seems to be doing well. he could be the next Schumacher or even better considering his current performance.

  3. Duh .. Reading “Exams started ” and “Exams over” all over the blogs makes me nostalgic .. 🙁 …

    Man .. Enjoy your vacations while they are there .. You’ll miss these days afterwards ..

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