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  • Review Google Talk (Unreleased Version)

    The guys at Google are at it again, and are testing a new version of Google Talk. Last time I called it a leaked version and everyone was on me for that, so this time I am calling it Google Talk (Unreleased Version). You can download this version from here. This one sports quite…

  • Review Google Talk Beta (Leaked Version)

    Overall Rating: Download; Screenshots This is the leaked version of Google Talk, and it features tons of improvements over the current version The most significant being the addition on customizable user pictures, a few little conversation window themes to complement it and a few new options to customize your buddy list.

  • Review :: Google Pack

    Ratings: Recently Google launched Google Pack (http://pack.google.com), its way to give us all the sofwares its got and some other which Google claims are Essential. So what comes in this pack, all the Google Software, its favourite Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition and Adobe Reader 7. Then…