Ubuntu 5.10 CDs Recieved

Well I received my Ubuntu 5.10 CDs without any fuss this time around. The postman just delivered it to me without any fuss.

Last time around I had a big mess because I had ordered 25 CDs and had to go through hell 🙁 See what I went through last time around here

This time around I had ordered 5 CDs as against 25 Last time around. This time Ubuntu send those CDs pretty quick in just about a month’s time as against more than 2 ½ months last time around. They are improving and fast.

The biggest improvement I see this time around is the mentioning of price of each CD. Man this will really help the case in the Customs Office. I wish they mentioned the price a bit larger so that the foolish customs can see it clearly.

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  1. Hi there,
    I had ordered around 10 cd for the local LUG here & had no hassles. It arrived in around 1 1/2 month from registering at their site. Also didn’t experience any hassles from the customs or anybody else.

  2. Hi,
    reached this blog accidently. Read about Ubuntu CDs. Muchhala story is really funny.I had ordered 50 CDs from Pune and received the parcel in 2 months time at my doorstep with no duties whatsoever. I did not pay a single paisa. Postman brought the parcel and delivered it to me. Obviously Pune has more educated post people and and less corruptible people outside. i would have thrown the parcel in their face if they would have asked for any money for sure.
    Do try this -tell them you take the CDs home and they will let it go.Simple.

    hemant datye

  3. Hemant it sounds like you donno anything abt the way Indian Post Works. You might have got those CDs mybe bcos me going to the Customs House & explianing them everythig.

    The foreign post that comes to Pune is Routed through Mumbai Customs Office. Plus what benifit will u get by throwing the parcel back at them. It wont work bcos they dont care abt it and it will go to the dumping grounds or be sent back.

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