Different Ages

As humans we have been through many ages viz. stone age, iron age, etc. Now we are in the computer age, but the similarities still exists and is perfectly illustrated by the following cartoon.

Different Ages of Human Civilization(Please click on the image for better clarity.)


Dummies Guide at using Torrents.

My friend Aman has written an excellent guide of how to download stuff using the latest in P2P i.e. torrents. Here are some of the important parts of the guide. The link to the article is at the end of the post.

Firstly get a good client such as µtorrent or Azureus(Java), BitComet(C++) .Other Clients are not recommended!

The torrent file is not the file you aim to download, but a small file containing information where the bits of files are are located and information of trackers. Bittorrent isn’t linear though, it randomly sends and receives pieces from random users connected via the same torrent file.


  • Leecher: That’s the guys that don’t have the complete file.
  • Seeder: Those that now have the entire file, 100%, and therefore only function to upload to those that haven’t got the whole thing yet.
  • Peers: All users connected to the same torrent. The more peers, the greater the speeds, providing there are enough seeders.
  • Tracker: The centre when you start up the torrent. In short – it connects you to other users and is also the thing that sends you messages to your client.

Complete list of terminologies.

How to download:
Head over to your favourite Bit torrent website which mind you don’t host files but simply host the .torrent file.When you find a torrent file online, you download it to your computer. Its recommended to keep the actual .torrent-file on your hard disk, in case you need to restart it. Now open the .torrent file in your bit torrent client, and tell it the place you want to store it. It starts download the minute the tracker has picked up on you being amongst the peers. Most tracker needs AT LEAST a few minutes to pick up, so leave it alone for a while.

The stuff I have is very little and it would help you greatly if you read the complete guide:


I Got more RAM

Yes finally after 6 years of using the same configuration, I have added a new parts to my PC (i.e. when replacing the packed up keyboard and mouse is not counted). The new parts are a 256 MB SDRAM (Rs. 1500) and a Cabinet Fan (Rs. 50).

This means I now have a total of 320 MB SDRAM and a cooler cabinet, and a serious boost in my PCs performance. Now the boot up time is just 2 minutes (with an antivirus running) up from the earlier 3 minutes (without an antivirus). Now that’s something isn’t it! Now this means I don’t need to run Gaim anymore and even a no more long waits just to run a messenger and Opera together. And a lot more software. Man the performance boost is enormous.

The next thing I want to buy is a Lite On DVD-RW for Rs. 2600, which I plan to get in a weeks time (hopefully). Whereas my ultimate wish list is an Apple iMac, so any one care donate!!!

UPDATE (24-June-2006): I got myself a LG DVD-RW for Rs 2200. I did want to buy a Lite-On but its not in stock and is only available on order. Also Lite-On dosent have an after sales office in Vashi, so had to go with LG (the second best in my list).


Got the XP theme running

Well I turned on the Windows XP theme on my machine, and am currently using the “Silver XP Theme”. Since the time I have turned on the XP themes, my PCs lag has been the same as it was before turning the themes on. It’s the first time I am using this theme full time after my very first install quite a few years ago. I suppose it’s because most of the windows services have been turned off and the computers running at peak performance all the time, and maybe that’s left enough spare memory (which is already bare minimum 64 MB).

As to why I have turned on the theme now? Well even I don’t have the exact answer. It was pure instinctive. Maybe it’s the new keyboard that got me to do this :P.

Also yesterday I ran my first Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware scan in over 2 months, and the best part was it found no Viruses/Spywares. I think it’s a great feet for a PC that doesn’t have an antivirus/firewall running all the time as my RAM doesn’t allow it. But ya I do use the built in firewall in SP2 (ya I do have SP2 installed). And I suppose I can attribute most of this to my use of Opera.

I hope this spree of good run continues for a long time.


Got a new Keyboard & Mouse

Logitech internet Pro Desktop Black

Today I got myself a new Keyboard & Mouse; it’s a “Logitech Internet Pro Desktop Black”. It comes after my 6 years old Compaq Keyboard packed up. It only had the alphabets left, with the “U” key playing hide & seek and the numbers in number pad working and mostly everything else packing up. Man this Logitech piece is damn good, feels pleasure and almost silent typing (I press the keys damn hard) and after this one my older one feels like so crude. I had got the same feeling when the PC arrived 6 years ago, and compared the keyboard with the ones at my school.


Ubuntu 5.10 CDs Recieved

Well I received my Ubuntu 5.10 CDs without any fuss this time around. The postman just delivered it to me without any fuss.

Last time around I had a big mess because I had ordered 25 CDs and had to go through hell 🙁 See what I went through last time around here

This time around I had ordered 5 CDs as against 25 Last time around. This time Ubuntu send those CDs pretty quick in just about a month’s time as against more than 2 ½ months last time around. They are improving and fast.

The biggest improvement I see this time around is the mentioning of price of each CD. Man this will really help the case in the Customs Office. I wish they mentioned the price a bit larger so that the foolish customs can see it clearly.