Got a new Keyboard & Mouse

Logitech internet Pro Desktop Black

Today I got myself a new Keyboard & Mouse; it’s a “Logitech Internet Pro Desktop Black”. It comes after my 6 years old Compaq Keyboard packed up. It only had the alphabets left, with the “U” key playing hide & seek and the numbers in number pad working and mostly everything else packing up. Man this Logitech piece is damn good, feels pleasure and almost silent typing (I press the keys damn hard) and after this one my older one feels like so crude. I had got the same feeling when the PC arrived 6 years ago, and compared the keyboard with the ones at my school.

I bought this baby for Rs 900 ($20) [with bill] and my luck the cheapest in Vashi and the only one to have it, certainly at the shops I enquired didn’t have them but did quote it at around Rs 950. Earlier I was going to buy “Microsoft Wired Desktop 500”. Was really impressed with MS after I had tried my cousin’s wireless piece, but this one was no where near it & felt quite crude. Then finally got to try the Logitech one and was really impressed, felt way better than MS, but was 50 bucks costlier (the shop quoted Rs. 850 for MS to market price of 900) Plus Logitech had a palm rest whereas MS didn’t. The only thing common was both giving 3 years warranty.

Finally with this Logitech keyboard now I have the Print Screen key which had packed up almost a year ago. Also most of the multimedia keys which had become useless because of no compatible software, I could find. And then packed up because when u pressed them windows didn’t react by opening strange programs, and I got the confirmation when I couldn’t configure most of the keys. But this ones got quite less multimedia keys, but none the less it has the volume control keys, so now I can have optimum volume as my speakers don’t have a direct volume control, (the Presario’s never came with one)

Now only if I can some RAM for my 6 years old P3, or someone just donate me Rs 30,000 ($650) and I will get a cool new AMD Athlon64 powered, Vista compatible rig.

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  1. Well the keyboard should come with a software. I have the same one but wireless and the keys didnt work those keys didnt work without installing the software which came in a CD. But even if you got that, and you dont use IE then you wont really be able to use the hopepage, zoom, back etc keys coz that only works for IE.

  2. I think you got it a bit worng. When we bought the PC it came with Windows Me and had all the proper softwares for it. But then I moved on to XP and there were no sftwares available.

    But now this Logitech keyboard has all the proper softwares and everything is working great.

  3. Congrats on getting new keyboard + mouse. 😀

    BTW, as far as those multimedia keys go, I think if you find the right drivers for your keyboard, you should be able to use them properly… I think…

  4. OYE, All my multimedia keys are working fine on the New Logitech Keyboard. I only had problem with my older keyboard because there werent any appropriate drivers available for it 🙁

    Currently I DON’T have any Problems with my NEW KEYBOARD

  5. Hi

    Great blog , But i can finish reading it in an hour , u got to add more contents , and it seems the adsense is still reading ur blog ,not ur meta tags , if u got to have good ads then ad metatags in ur blog header ,

    overall nice work Dude

  6. Well thanks Ricky.

    Just added the Meta’s yesterday, i suppose u didnt notice them 😛

    Well the only ads i got are Google ones.

    And as for content i will keep writing abt stuff more often from now on. 😀

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