January 2006 – Muchhala's World

Finally Finally got the Internet going on Ubuntu

Its been two days now that I got the net running on Ubuntu. Its a great feeling posting from Ubuntu. My ISP SifyBroadband gives a Dynamic IP connection, so I have to login everytime, despite having an Unlimited Connection. Since about 1 year they enforced their stupid and the most dumbest dialers on everyone. Recently […]

Review :: Google Pack

Ratings: Recently Google launched Google Pack (http://pack.google.com), its way to give us all the sofwares its got and some other which Google claims are Essential. So what comes in this pack, all the Google Software, its favourite Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition and Adobe Reader 7. Then […]

The Vista theme for my Blog

Well what if I cant get Vista or for the matter of fact even the Vista theme on my PC, atleast my blog can have it 😀 So today I have installed the Vista Blog made by Williams Lay and made available by William Hook I hope you guys like this new theme 😀 Update […]

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