Opera 9 Final Released!!!

Opera today has released the final version of its desktop browser, Opera 9.

Opera 9 presents a significant upgrade over previous versions of the browser in both features and more importantly better site compatibility.

Some of the notable new features introduce in Opera 9 include Content blocking (A.K.A An ad blocker), Widgets, BitTorrent support, and Site-specific preferences (See Opera 9 screenshots here).

Opera Widgets are small applications — such as multimedia, games, utility programs, newsfeeds, and more – the run on the desktop outside the browser. Widgets have proven popular with Yahoo’s Konfabulator and Apple’s Dashboard Widgets; Google too recently released Desktop widgets with Google Desktop.

The new content blocker allows you to block various kinds of content, such as ads, from being displayed in the browser. Though the new Content Blocker sports the same functionality of an Ad Blocker, Opera was careful not to name it an Ad Blocker as many ad-displaying sites would block Opera users.

Bit Torrent support also made its way in the browser, after being released in previous preview and beta versions. With Opera’s BitTorrent support, downloading a torrent file is just like downloading a regular file.

Opera 9 Features | Opera 9 Changelog | Download Opera 9

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