Google Ads == Phishing Attacks!!!

Google ADs = Phishing!!!Just as usual I turned ON my PC; updated definitions on my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 6.0 and proceeded to check my e-mails, blogs, and all the regular stuff.

As soon as I opened my blog page I got this alert. The first ever Phishing attack notification and was surprised by the url it was giving the alert for.

The url was none other than that of Google Ads, and that’s what really shocked me. At first I thought it was a one off incident, but strangely I got this alert for all the sites I visited that sport Google Ads. The alert for some strange reasons are appearing on a some sites and not on others, (The alerts appears for sure when I refresh the page). Also its not like these are some strange sites, but they are the ones I visit daily and there was nothing just 12 hrs. ago(e.g. Frihost, Digg, Think Digit, CNN-IBN, etc.)

But still if Kaspersky thinks Google Ads are Phishing attacks then it should really mean something and hope they sort it out. (Just hoping its a false alert or some screw-up with the latest definitions). I trust Google and would not like this to happen.

Update (24 July 2006): It looks like Kaspersky has got stuck obssessed with showing Google ADs as phishing attacks, which in all cases is certainly a False Positive. SO I have now altogether disabled its Anti-Phishing alets. As it is I dont need that service because I know what sites I am looking at and what I am doing online.

5 responses to “Google Ads == Phishing Attacks!!!”

  1. Since i installed Kaspersky internet security 6
    i cannot see anymore google ads on my web site, which is annoying. Can you help……..

  2. I always prefer to use Kasperky over Avast or McAfee. Kaspersky is much better in detecting new viruses and it does not consume too much resources on your dektop PC.~~*

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