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  • Gmail Chat NOW in Opera (without masking)

    For the last few days, I was not getting through to Gmail in Standard mode, so decided to clear my cache and cookies. And walla, the standard view was back. But there was a difference, it had Google Chat in with it, and I had not masked it to identiy Opera as Firefox or Internet […]

  • Offline Messages in Google Talk

    Yes folks it’s true. Google Talk now finally supports Offline Messaging (Official Blog Entry). Let’s just hope that the uber cool Google Chat emoticons are also ported into GTalk. If you send somebody an Offline Message via Google Talk, the message will be received when they sign into Google Talk/Gmail. In Google Talk it appears […]

  • Google Talk turns One

    It’s a year old! Yes, Google Talk is celebrating its 1st Birthday today, and may I call it in some “Traditional Google” fashion. By that I mean a changed logo for the day, Google Talk is sporting a new Birthday Dress (logo). Happy Birthday Google Talk!!! To the Google Talk team (Hope they are reading […]

  • Google Talk RELEASED

    Finally the much awaited Google Talk version with file sharing, voicemail, and music status is out. You can check my review of it here. I am using this version full time now, hope you guys do use it too. And the best part about Google Talk is that it will update itself without any interferance, […]

  • Review Google Talk (Unreleased Version)

    The guys at Google are at it again, and are testing a new version of Google Talk. Last time I called it a leaked version and everyone was on me for that, so this time I am calling it Google Talk (Unreleased Version). You can download this version from here. This one sports quite […]

  • Google Ads == Phishing Attacks!!!

    Just as usual I turned ON my PC; updated definitions on my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 6.0 and proceeded to check my e-mails, blogs, and all the regular stuff. As soon as I opened my blog page I got this alert. The first ever Phishing attack notification and was surprised by the url it was […]

  • Gmail gets Delete All Spam

    One thing that missed sorely in Gmail was an easy option to delete all your spam messages at one go. And today I noticed this link in my Gmail account “Delete all spam messages now” Clicking on it gives you a confirmation box. The same feature is also there to “Empty Trash” all at one […]

  • Google Talk RELEASED

    Direct Download (1.27 MB) Today Google has officially release version after the unofficial release of a similar test version, which i had reviewed earlier this week. (I feel they leaked (or unofficially tested) it was because Google Talk already is in Beta, and you dont expect a Beat Beta)

  • Get the new Google Layout

    Well we all know Google’s trying out its new layout. And if you have got to try it very well, but there is a big change you haven’t. This new layout moves the links of Image Search, Group Serach, etc for the same search query to a sidebar and also show the amount of search […]

  • Google Video Player

    Google Video Player I visited the Google Packs (pack.google.com) page yesterday and noticed that Google had added Google Video Player to the list. Its something that you can download only from Google Packs site and no where else (So is the Google ScreenSaver software). As to what’s its use, as the pack also give Real […]