Gmail Chat NOW in Opera (without masking)

For the last few days, I was not getting through to Gmail in Standard mode, so decided to clear my cache and cookies. And walla, the standard view was back. But there was a difference, it had Google Chat in with it, and I had not masked it to identiy Opera as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Google Chat now in Opera (without masking)Chatting via Google Chat using Opera

I have not been able to find an official confirmation, but I think they were working on it, which resulted in Gmail being unavailabe a little while yesterday

Gmail DOWN

P.S: GChat has been ON/OFF on me and I have had too clear my cache and cookies again and again, to get it back, whereas my friend Aman, or even my hosted account (mail id for the blog) have had no such problem.

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11 responses to “Gmail Chat NOW in Opera (without masking)”

  1. Ah, congrats… So GMail is finally fully compatible with Opera, eh? I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing… normally, when GMail std version is responding too slowly, I open GMail on Opera (without masking), and it opens relatively quickly in the plain HTML view. Now, if I’m facing a problem in Firefox, I expect I’ll be facing it in Opera too…

    No, apparently not! I just logged into GMail using Opera, and it signed into plain HTML view ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I guess I’m still using a really old version of Opera then, something from 2006! … ๐Ÿ˜›

    Plz tell me if the latest version of Opera too has such issues or not. I use opera for orkut too and my orkut page says that the browser i use is not supported. Although i can still use it, i still keep gettin this message. Plz tell me if the latest opera version has such issues too. If Opera is now fully prepared for all these websites, then i think it’d be the best browser around! Thanks…

  3. I also have another issue and that is with my computer. It hangs almost every 10 minutes… it’s gone dat bad! I have even reformatted the hardisk and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows XP, and it still hangs every now and then. It now sure seems to be a hardware problem. What could be it? I have even tried using another HDD, and it has the same problems. I will not rule out virus issue, as the other HDD also carries almost the same files and is basically a backup. A virus (if any) could have been transferred back in from the other HDD. But still, even after freshly reinstalling a new OS it shows the same symptoms of hanging immediately. Plz help. Thanks!

  4. tenZ get the latest Opera from
    Many problems have been solved and Opera is much more mainstream with this version.

    As far as your hanging/rebooting problem is concerned, it could be anything from bad power supply, to a part-failure of SMPS or even the motherboard, I cant say whats wrong without seeing your system, so I would suggest getting professional help or atleast get a friend who is technically sound with troubleshooting.

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