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I visited the Google Packs ( page yesterday and noticed that Google had added Google Video Player to the list. Its something that you can download only from Google Packs site and no where else (So is the Google ScreenSaver software).

As to what’s its use, as the pack also give Real Player (the crappiest free version that des nothing by the way). Well its use is to play files downloaded (or purchased) from Google Videos ( Google .gvi & .gpi format.

I would have really loved to give it a shot, but Google Video says this to me whenever I click on a movie thumbnail:

Thanks for your interest in Google Video.
Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn’t available in your country.
We hope to make this feature available more widely in the future, and we really appreciate your patience

So that’s the reason I cant review it :(. And I suppose that’s the reason why its not included by default in the Google Pack. And if you feel like searching for video files over the net, give Yahoo! Video Search ( a shot.

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  1. Hmm… I wonder how useful it’s going to be since it only plays Google Videos… and I don’t really think Google is likely to let us watch/download popular videos for free…

  2. Well i heard of a trick by which you can you can use the
    feature even though you live in India.
    Cant rember it right now…

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