Get the Yahoo! Mail Beta

Yahoo! Mail BetaYesterday, something went in my mind. I have all Gmail, Windows Live Mail Beta, I didn’t have Yahoo! Mail Beta. So I wanted it by hook or by crook! And so the hunt began and I found this very neat trick.

The whole things just worked perfectly for me, and I am in love with it. Its so good, so much better. The only major flaw is that it does not support Opera 9. The other drawback is that it take quite a long time to load, slightly longer than Gmail but much lesser than Windows Live Mail. And one more thing I might add is the labeling feature from Gmail.

So here’s the trick to get the “Invite for Yahoo! Mail Beta“. (Please use IE or Firefox)


Google Talk turns One

Google Talk Easter Egg

It’s a year old! Yes, Google Talk is celebrating its 1st Birthday today, and may I call it in some “Traditional Google” fashion. By that I mean a changed logo for the day, Google Talk is sporting a new Birthday Dress (logo).

Happy Birthday Google Talk!!!

To the Google Talk team (Hope they are reading this): Please give us Emoticons & Rich Text Editing, I am tired of using _ for italics and * for bold.

To everyone else: Please fill up this form, and tell the Google Talk team what you want


Google Talk RELEASED

Google Talk Version the much awaited Google Talk version with file sharing, voicemail, and music status is out. You can check my review of it here. I am using this version full time now, hope you guys do use it too.

And the best part about Google Talk is that it will update itself without any interferance, (you do have to be running GT though)

Also please fill out this survey form on “What Features you would like in Google Talk”


End of Teen Hungama

Teen HungamaYes its true, Teen Hungama is no more. After giving it a very long hard thought I have finally decided to close it down.

Over the last one year with Teen Hungama, I made quite a few friends, learnt a lot of things and had a great time. At one time we had some great activity, and was dedicating most of my time and effort behind it. But slowly the activity started decreasing and in recent months it has come to a complete standstill. I did try to revive it quite a few times, but I found it was too late. Also I lost heart in it and was not dedicating it the time and effort I did, just a year back.

So with no interest left in it, (and no active members) I find no point continuing with it anymore. From now on I have decided to put all my efforts in this blog.

I hope all of you agree with my decisions.

PS: From now on entering the Teen Hungama url ( will bring you to this blog (