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Yahoo! Mail BetaYesterday, something went in my mind. I have all Gmail, Windows Live Mail Beta, I didn’t have Yahoo! Mail Beta. So I wanted it by hook or by crook! And so the hunt began and I found this very neat trick.

The whole things just worked perfectly for me, and I am in love with it. Its so good, so much better. The only major flaw is that it does not support Opera 9. The other drawback is that it take quite a long time to load, slightly longer than Gmail but much lesser than Windows Live Mail. And one more thing I might add is the labeling feature from Gmail.

So here’s the trick to get the “Invite for Yahoo! Mail Beta“. (Please use IE or Firefox)

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. On the top left, besides “Mail” button, there is one down arrow, click there.
  3. Go to “Option.
  4. On the left panel, click on “Account Information. It will ask for the Yahoo account password. Verify It.
  5. On the next page click on “edit” under Membership Information category.
  6. In the last panel, you will find “Yahoo Content”, which would be something like, English- U.S., or English – India or something… click on it.
  7. Select “English-United Kingdom.
  8. Accept the new agreemnts. And blah blah and click on Finished.
  9. Now just go to, you will get an invitation to join “Yahoo! Mail Beta”!!!!
  10. Enjoy!!!

You can change the content back to ur country (I changed back to India instantly after accepting the Invitation), no probs watsoever.

16 responses to “Get the Yahoo! Mail Beta”

  1. ok..i just upgraded to yahoo beta…but its still pretty slow, but,…..the features are amazing..
    kool info man..

  2. Gotta agree with Rohan, I mean Gmail is the best and fastest of them all. Their space, speed, its just great.
    I Pretty much dont like the New Yahoo. I didnt have to go to all the steps you guys did coz all i had to do was go in options and there was an option saying switch to the New Yahoo. lol.
    Again, it has the same problem as it did 2 months ago when i tried it, its too slow for me. Id rather see a bar saying the pageloading than it just saying loading. ITs just my mentality.
    The rest is pretty good.

  3. I tried Yahoo! Mail Beta for a while, but I had major problems with sending mail. I clicked “send” and it just seemed to hang for ages. I found that there was no way to retrieve the email’s content either, so spent numerous extra hours re-typing emails to people. When it happened the tenth time, I reverted to the same old Yahoo! interface, and that’s what I still use these days.

    It’s a bit of a shame really because I thought it was a nicer interface than Gmail, but it wasn’t properly functional.

    Just thought I’d share my experiences (and also say you’ve got a nice site here, babumuchhala :D)

  4. Well yes guys, the New Yahoo! Mail is slow (it’s got a freaking 1 MB of stuff to load everythime), and is a little rough at times, but it suerly is better than the old one. This one’s more functional with some very good RSS & Calander integration, though the later still needs improvement.

    The New Yahoo! Mail has all the potential to be the best Web 2.0 mail, and is way better than Windows Live Mail, but it’s as slick as Gmail. And so until then I will stick with Gmail for most of my stuff and just keep that Yahoo id for chatting because, I don’t have many people who sign-in on Google Talk regularly at the moment.

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