November 2006 – Muchhala's World

Gmail Chat NOW in Opera (without masking)

For the last few days, I was not getting through to Gmail in Standard mode, so decided to clear my cache and cookies. And walla, the standard view was back. But there was a difference, it had Google Chat in with it, and I had not masked it to identiy Opera as Firefox or Internet […]

Lucky Shave…

I got this as a forward yesterday, and thought was good enough to share. So here’s one reason, why you shouldn’t cross Railway Tracks. ( Hope the couple here got their lesson, and you too (if you too cross like that) P.S.: This is my first blog post with a video in it.

Offline Messages in Google Talk

Yes folks it’s true. Google Talk now finally supports Offline Messaging (Official Blog Entry). Let’s just hope that the uber cool Google Chat emoticons are also ported into GTalk. If you send somebody an Offline Message via Google Talk, the message will be received when they sign into Google Talk/Gmail. In Google Talk it appears […]

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