Rumour: Hamilton to Ferrari?

The 2007 season is not even 5 races old and the F1 paddock is back at doing what it does best i.e. SPECULATING. If they are to be believed the British rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton is already being linked with a shock switch to Ferrari, replacing Kimi Raikkonen. Its also being suggested that his routeContinue reading “Rumour: Hamilton to Ferrari?”

McLaren cleared in Team Order Row

Team McLaren Mercedes have been cleared of their Team Order Row. McLaren were under scrutiny from the FIA for allegedly issuing team orders that prevented Lewis Hamilton from challenging Fernando Alonso for the race lead, so that McLaren have a sure shot chance of a 1-2 finish, charges of which they have been cleared fairContinue reading “McLaren cleared in Team Order Row”

McLaren team orders

The one reason I liked McLaren, has also been lost now. McLaren were the only team that had refrained from any sort of team orders and let free racing between their drivers, and that was seen at its peak with the rookie Lewis Hamilton leading the world championship over the reigning world champion Fernando Alonso.Continue reading “McLaren team orders”

What’s Wrong with the Indian Judiciary?

Indian Judiciary is what I will say a common mans last hope at running the country properly, and till now its lived up to it. Be it the Jessica Lal Murder case, to the Reservation Fight or the case of Alister Pereira where the Mumbai High Court is taking a sou-moto action when he wasContinue reading “What’s Wrong with the Indian Judiciary?”