Get the new Google Layout

Google's New Layout

Well we all know Google’s trying out its new layout. And if you have got to try it very well, but there is a big change you haven’t. This new layout moves the links of Image Search, Group Serach, etc for the same search query to a sidebar and also show the amount of search results available in that category by a small image. So if you want to try it, just follow these 5 simple steps: Continue reading “Get the new Google Layout”

Google Video Player

Google Video Player Google Video Player


I visited the Google Packs ( page yesterday and noticed that Google had added Google Video Player to the list. Its something that you can download only from Google Packs site and no where else (So is the Google ScreenSaver software).

As to what’s its use, as the pack also give Real Player (the crappiest free version that des nothing by the way). Well its use is to play files downloaded (or purchased) from Google Videos ( Google .gvi & .gpi format.

I would have really loved to give it a shot, but Google Video says this to me whenever I click on a movie thumbnail:

Thanks for your interest in Google Video.
Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn’t available in your country.
We hope to make this feature available more widely in the future, and we really appreciate your patience

So that’s the reason I cant review it :(. And I suppose that’s the reason why its not included by default in the Google Pack. And if you feel like searching for video files over the net, give Yahoo! Video Search ( a shot.

Got the XP theme running

Well I turned on the Windows XP theme on my machine, and am currently using the “Silver XP Theme”. Since the time I have turned on the XP themes, my PCs lag has been the same as it was before turning the themes on. It’s the first time I am using this theme full time after my very first install quite a few years ago. I suppose it’s because most of the windows services have been turned off and the computers running at peak performance all the time, and maybe that’s left enough spare memory (which is already bare minimum 64 MB).

As to why I have turned on the theme now? Well even I don’t have the exact answer. It was pure instinctive. Maybe it’s the new keyboard that got me to do this :P.

Also yesterday I ran my first Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware scan in over 2 months, and the best part was it found no Viruses/Spywares. I think it’s a great feet for a PC that doesn’t have an antivirus/firewall running all the time as my RAM doesn’t allow it. But ya I do use the built in firewall in SP2 (ya I do have SP2 installed). And I suppose I can attribute most of this to my use of Opera.

I hope this spree of good run continues for a long time.